20th Battalion (1st Tyneside Scottish) Northumberland Fusiliers

1915 - Training.

The 1st battalion moved from its initial location in Newcastle City centre to billets in the grounds of Alnwick castle on 29th January 1915 where it would stay for most of the year while training took place. The battalion would not arrive in France until January 1916. Much weeding out of unfit or unsuitable recruits took place through the long route marches and extensive physical training.

Although the official battalion strength was 1,100 men plus 250 for the depot company, numbered sequentially from Sergeant Mooney at 20/1 the highest number traced so far is 20/1719 Private James Weatherhead.



1st Battalion Gallery

1st Battalion on parade at Alnwick
A company march through Alnwick
Band march through Alnwick
Brigade on parade with Alnwick Castle in the distance.
The huts at Alnwick Camp