22nd Battalion (3rd Tyneside Scottish) Northumberland Fusiliers

1914 - The Beginning.

The 3rd battalion was the last to arrive at Alnwick camp in the beginning of May 1915. The brigade was then housed for the first time complete. Again the hard training of many miles on route marches and physical exercise took its toll and a large number of men were rejected. The highest number traced so far for this battalion is 22/1799 Forrest Mitcheson. Again family ties in this battalion were strong, 48 year old CQMS Thomas Trench enlisted along with his young son, photographs are shown below courtesy or Terry Long.

This battalion again served with distinction in the battle of the Somme, suffering an enormous number of casualties.

The battalion returned to England in June 1918 and became part of the 16th Division, returning to France in July. What was left of the original battalion was in Belgium south of Tournai when the war ended.


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3rd Battalion on route march
3rd Battalion on route march