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The Tyneside Scottish

Officially authorised by the War Office on 14th October 1914, although attempts at raising a battalion of local Scotsman had begun in the beginning of September. Initially Sir Thomas Oliver acted as representative between the recruiting committee and the War Office, this responsibility later passed to Johnstone Wallace, Lord Mayor of Newcastle.

Sir Thomas Oliver

Johnstone Wallace

Retired Major Charles Innes-Hopkins acted on the military side, and the financial problems were solved by a donation of £10,000 from Mr. Joseph Cowen. Mr J.R Hall acted as committee secretary. Recruiting began and offices were opened all over the North East and men of all backgrounds began to enroll.

J.R. Hall

Joseph cowen

Recruiting was so brisk that a battalion of 1,200 men was complete by October 25th. So great was the influx of men wishing to join that recruiting continued and the War Office authorised a second battalion the following day, recruiting continued at such a pace that this was complete by November 5th, a third battalion by November 11th and the fourth battalion by the 17th.

Major Innes-Hopkins resigned his post on the recruiting committee and took up position as Colonel of the first battalion.